Hey friend! I'm Christa.

I am passionate about capturing stories. When I am behind the lens, I bring more than 15 years of photography experience to my client shoots. I think it is a privilege that for a moment, I get to be a part of your story! The story of your relationship, your family, your new beginnings. I am here to stitch together moments in time for you to keep and enjoy forever.

I love living the small town life with my husband, Kevin, and our two (almost three) kiddos. Parks and Recreation quotes are my love language and I enjoy a good historical fiction book. Also, the best purchase of my life has been an at home espresso machine to match my caffeine habit. Oh, and if you happen to sit in front of me at church, you should be ready to hear me sing loudly.

Christa's Favorite Things


I have an unhealthy obsession with Aldi. Which is unfortunate when your town doesn't have an Aldi.

Musical Theatre

I know pretty much all of the rap lyrics to Hamilton as well as the solos in Oklahoma. Yeah, let's just say I'm a well-rounded stage nerd.

German Spice Cookies

It's like Christmas year round in your mouth! Hold up, I'm going to take a break and go get some right now...

Talking about Mom Life

Moms have to stick together! I love deep conversations about the hurdles moms face as well as the personal growth they see through parenthood.

My Style

Do I have magical Photoshop skills? Yes. Will I use them to make you look crazy different in your photos? Nope. It's my job to capture you, not reimagine you. I use natural light and raw expressions to keep my photos authentic and real. Take a look at my portfolio to get a better idea of my style.

Feel like I'm a perfect fit for your project?

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