I didn't launch my business with dreams of it becoming what it is today. Instead, I followed my passion and carefully explored how my passion and my purpose could be intertwined. 

THE RIEGER FAMILY - Photo by Jesse Salter Photography.

My journey began in yearbook class as a sophomore in high school.

I had reluctantly joined the class after a push from the computer teacher (who identified my talent for art and tech... when I was blissfully unaware).

I quickly realized I LOVED taking photos and designing for the yearbook—myself, my friends, and everything in between. I became the person who naturally recorded memories for others, and that role brought me so much joy!

Last day of high school yearbook

Practicing my self portraits in college

Capturing memories on a college trip to China

In early 2020, I was still working in higher education when I started Storyweaver Studio at the encouragement of my husband, Kevin.

I was already taking photos and designing for many of my friends and colleagues, and he saw a vision bigger than I could see. Do you see a theme here? Apparently, I always need a little nudge, and then I'm off to the races!

Fast forward to 2024, I work full-time for my business, and to date, I've delivered 160+ photo galleries, photographed 30+ weddings, mentored other photographers, and delivered hundreds of projects for local design clients. Over that time, it was always my goal to build a reputation as being a business owner who not only authentically captures my clients but also deeply cares about their lives.

My roles

Photographer & Designer

I am passionate about capturing stories.

When I am behind the lens or the computer, I bring over 15 years of photography and design experience to my clients. I consider it a privilege that, for a moment, I get to be a part of your story—whether it's the story of your relationship, your family, or your new beginnings. I am here to skillfully weave together moments in time for you to cherish and enjoy forever.

Wife & Momma

Kevin and I first crossed paths at the summer camp I worked at in college.

After three years of maintaining a long-distance relationship, we finally tied the knot in the summer of 2014. During nearly ten years of marriage, we have welcomed four children into our lives—three earthside and one in heaven. Our kids have brought immeasurable joy to our lives. Despite less sleep, more responsibility, and the losses we've endured, this is by far our favorite season of life together as a couple. What a privilege it is to call these little people ours!

Photos by Jesse Salter Photography

Believer & Volunteer

My faith has always been integrated with what I do. I believe I can show the love of Christ through serving others through my business, my community, and my everyday life.

Through Storyweaver Studio, I have the privilege of stepping into people's lives to capture their stories of connection, love, and loss. Many times, this goes beyond a photo session; it becomes a ministry to those who truly need the love of Christ in their lives. I just happen to be the vessel. In my free time, to serve the Atchison community, I host a podcast and organize Stitches: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Haven in honor of my heavenly baby, Jordan, whom I lost at 11 weeks gestation. I also volunteer throughout the year with Project Atchison and through our church, Riverbend Bible Church.

My Favorite Things


I have an unhealthy obsession with Aldi... which is unfortunate when your town doesn't have an Aldi.

Musical Theatre

I know pretty much all of the rap lyrics to Hamilton as well as the solos in Oklahoma. Yeah, let's just say I'm a well-rounded stage nerd.

Hot Tamales

My mom never let me have snacks at the movies... so naturally I always purchase some now! I mean, is it really a movie if you can't feel the roof of your mouth??

Mom Life

Moms have to stick together! I love deep conversations about the hurdles moms face as well as the personal growth they see through parenthood.


My Nespresso has been the best purchase of my coffee-obsessed life and let's just say you can easily find me in a local coffee shop.

Parks and Recreation & Emperor's New Groove

I use quotes from these shows in my everyday life.


I listen to SO MANY PODCASTS. At any given point I have 8-10 podcasts in which I loyally listen.


Now I just sing at home and at church but I really enjoyed getting to sing in theatre, small tours, and college choir in the past.

My promise to you

I truly believe that each person I encounter is made in the image of God and should be treated with respect. My business provides a powerful and purposeful way for me to use my gifts of photography and design to build a legacy. Therefore, from beginning to end, I will do my utmost to give you an outstanding experience while we work together.

How I can serve you:


• natural posing

• technical camera mastery

• proven client prep process

• editing mastery


• branding systems

• graphic design

• small website construction

• printer relations


• identifying ideal clients

• small town marketing

• social media management

• email marketing


• client communication

• using tech to automate processes

• client relationship management

• automation consulting

Welp, enough about me! Feel like I'm a perfect fit for your project?Introduce yourself and let's start planning!