You are getting married, congrats! Now the work begins. I know planning a wedding can have soooo many ups and downs (believe me, I’ve been there, done that). To make things easier, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help make wedding planning WAY easier.

1. Identify your top priorities for your wedding day, then set your budget. 

No couple has an infinite budget - so establishing priorities is a must! Once you know what is most important to you both, then use that as a guide budget. For example, at my wedding our priorities were music, photography, and our ceremony. So, that's where we spent most of our budget!

2. Use Instagram to find vendors.

As you search for your venue be sure to visit their Instagram page and tap on images to see if vendors are tagged in their images. This is a super simple way to find trusted vendor leads in your area.

3. Start sketching out your timeline for the day. 

Do you want to see your fiancé before the vows? Do you want formal family photos? Do you want exit photos? These are all things to think about! As a photographer, I help all of my couples solidify their timeline to perfection. Read more about my timeline tips in my detailed post of tips and tricks for planning your wedding day timeline.

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