Atchison farmers' market celebrates the opening of it's 26th season with a brand new identity.

Founded in 1998, the Atchison Farmers’ Market provides fresh, locally produced vegetables, fruits, meats, baked goods, and other speciality goods to the Atchison County community and beyond. The primary goal in branding Atchison Farmers’ Market is to attract even more customers to the market during season. They aim to cater more to health conscious local and regional customers who would benefit by traveling to the market.

the vision

Storyweaver Studio presented a mood board to begin the design process. Mood boards are a group of design elements that include images,concepts, colors and styles proposed for the direction, look and

feel of the visual identity. Giving you a clear understanding of the design direction that the brand identity will follow.



A brand logo is a symbol, emblem, typographic, or the combination of all used by businesses to mark its brand’s identity. Having a unique logo

helps AFM customers to identify & remember the quality of the brand. It’s important that the logo is responsive and can be used in a variety of different spaces. That’s why variations of your primary logo have been designed.

primary logo

  • The "radish" icon does many things. It...
  • is in the word “Atchison”, showing the reader this is where to go to find the market.
  • it also doubles as a pin icon, which is used often to find locations on maps.
  • it’s leaves are also stacked bowls, a nod towards the idea of making AFM the place to shop for your food.
  • The texture on the type is meant to point to the homemade nature of AFM products.
  • The type is placed a slight angles for playfulness and the ligatures (aka tails) of the R and K show connection by interacting with other letters.

Secondary logo

The secondary logo or known as the ‘alternative logo’ uses components from your main logo but in a different layout. Having this logo allows for more flexibility for the AFM brand. For example if the primary logo doesn’t fit within a certain space, a secondary logo can be used instead.

Submark Logo

The submark logo is another variation of the logo with a different layout giving AFM versatility when using their branding. This is to be used when other variations don’t fit in the required space.

Logo Mark

Logo marks are a simplified version of your main logo. This consists of either two letters or an icon/symbol. Having something simple works well when there is a more confined space to fill.


Using a set of consistent fonts for AFM is going to be crucial because it sets the tone. The AFM fonts have been chosen to pair perfectly with each other as well as their brand identity. Having different sets of fonts allows for the design to not be repetitive. By using consistent typography across the AFM brand will make the market recognizable and memorable.


The colors reflect the relaxed, warm personality of the target market. This color palette is also a mix of warm and cool colors. These colors also exist in many of the vegetables sold at market. None of these colors are found in all together your competitors logos, making AFM stand out.

Design Assets & Illustrations

Illustrations & patterns are an exciting element to a brand. This is where AFM can bring in brand personality and create a memorable brand experience. It’s also an effective way to build brand recognition that carries through a business’ physical presence, at every touch point, and helps maintain cohesive branding.

Thank you for trusting Storyweaver Studio with your brand!

Meet the designer

When I am behind the lens or the computer, I bring over 15 years of photography and design experience to my clients. I consider it a privilege that, for a moment, I get to be a part of your story—whether it's the story of your relationship, your family, or your new beginnings. I am here to skillfully weave together moments in time for you to cherish and enjoy forever.