I have something kinda crazy to say...I'm not the photographer for everyone. 

Say whhhattttt?? This might seem like a weird statement to make; however, it's true for ANY photographer. So how do you go about finding the photographer that fits your needs? Well, don't worry my friend, I have some quick tips for you. 

Here are my top three tips to find the best photographer for you:

  • Personality. Find a photographer who has a comforting personality to you. All of us have had those awkward photo moments when someone taking your photo doesn't talk at all and you feel like you are doing everything wrong. So check out a photographer's social media/website to get a feel for their personality.
  • Style. Do you like lighter photos? Dark and moody photos? Or something in between? Be sure to take the time to comb through a photographer's portfolio of images to see if their style matches what you would like your future images to look like.
  • Clear Communication. Does your photographer make it clear what your next steps are and answers your questions (sometimes before you even ask)? Then you know you are in good hands! Great communication = great photos because you are on the same page.