Have you heard? I now have a studio space in Atchison!

This project has been percolating in the background for some time and is starting to get the finishing touches (aka me slinging a paint brush for a while and moving in furniture).

So are you ready for the details?! Here is the plan, folks!

My new space will include:

• Large natural light windows for perfect light

• A modern decor setup with couches and statement pieces

• A bathroom/dressing room

• My entire client closet for borrowing/trying on

• A comfortable client meeting space

• A kid-friendly play area and changing station

This space is designed for:

• Small family sessions

• Maternity sessions

• Newborn sessions

• Mom meet ups

• Christa to get work done without tripping over kid shoes at home or getting distracted by the continual chaos that is my kitchen sink

Ohhh mannn! I hope you are as excited as I am!

I do plan to have an Open House once I've fully finished the space. In the meantime, if you would like to follow along with the studio's progress, you will find updates on my Instagram and Facebook stories.