"What do we wear to a photo session?" is the #1 question I get asked as a photograph. Well, don't sweat it because I'm here to help!

Picking outfits that coordinate and won't look dated in your photographs is so important! I want you to feel confident on the day of your session without stressing about your wardrobe for hours. I've constructed this guide to help you through the outfit selection process. Of course, as a client you are more than welcome to send me your outfit options as we plan your session.

Pick a Color Palette

color palette example for families

The goal of your outfits is not to match, but to coordinate. The best place to start is a color palette. Pick 3-4 colors to include in your palette, any more can be overwhelming. Sometimes you might find it easiest to start with a pattern (like a dress mom or a daughter would wear) and extract colors from that pattern.

Choose clothing wisely

pregnant mom takes photos by a lake of her belly

Finding clothing that matches your color palette, fits well, and is in budget can seem like a big task, but really it's a task that should be a process, not a last minute detail. I recommend laying out the items you think will work for your session at least 2-3 weeks beforehand to allow time for any last minute shopping needs.

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Tips for styling outfits:

Family of five smiles at camera
  • Dress for the season.
  • Dress for the location.
  • Compliment colors and patterns - don’t match.
  • Natural fibers and earthy colors look amazing in most settings.
  • Avoid large prints, logos, and patterns.
  • Avoid small-checked shirts (they do not translate well on camera)
  • Select clothes that are nice enough to wear to a dinner party, or even nicer (if that's your desired look for your session)
  • Long dresses look good on nearly every woman or girl (and the skirt adds movement to your images). Please avoid short dresses unless you plan to wear leggings or hose underneath.
  • Layer pieces for more looks (like a blouse, cardigan, scarf, or hat)
  • Collect the right undergarments for your clothing (i.e. if you have an off-shoulder shirt you will need a strapless bra)
  • If you wear a smartwatch please remove it before the session.
  • If you wear transition glasses please bring a cheap pair of reader glasses to pop on and off during the session.

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