1. Help set your baby's mood

Babies do better with posing when they are in a very deep sleep. I highly recommend stimulating your baby at least two hours before our shoot, a warm bath always does the trick. This also means keeping them awake and trying to refrain from feeding in the two hours before your session. We need your bundle of joy to be very exhausted, tired, and a bit hungry. This way you can feed them/make them sleepy as soon as you get to the studio. I know it will be hard, atop of your own sleep deprivation, but I promise you, it will be well worth the effort! 

2. Gather your outfits

For baby (or babies): If you have outfits or objects that hold sentimental value for your family (i.e. rings, college gear, etc.) I am happy to incorporate those items into your shoot. However, it is best to limit wardrobe changes – so pick your absolute favorites. As your photographer, I have many swaddles for baby, baskets, blankets, bows, knit outfits, and a cloth diaper covers (to cover the branding on a disposable diaper). You could bring nothing and your baby will have plenty of options!

For the Fam: Wear comfortable outfits. Mom, a flowy cotton dress or maxi dress is the best option, paired with a bit of makeup, and your hair down (sorry, no mom bun if you can help it). Neutrals (whites, tan, brown) and cool colors (light blues, purples, greens) typically look the best in camera and are classics. Do try to wear non-branded clothing and watch out for small plaid prints. If you need more tips, check out my What to Wear page. Also, check out my client closet options to see if you can borrow anything for siblings to wear!

3. Warm babies are happy babies!

I will have the studio warmer than normal on your session day. So if you get hot easily, be sure to have layers you can take off. If it seems hot to you, it’s probably about right for baby.

4. Don't forget to eat well

Chances are your newborn photoshoot will take 1.5-2 hours. Newborns know no schedule. There will be a lot of stop and go. I highly recommend parents and siblings eat a good hearty breakfast if they have a morning session.

Bonus! Sample Newborn Shoot Timeline

  • Feed that baby! When I arrive you can feed your baby right away, once burped, we will start preparing him/her for their session. If are breastfeeding and wish to have breastfeeding photos taken during the shoot, this is the best opportunity.
  • Swaddle Up. We will swaddle baby before nursing/bottle feeding to make sure they fall into a deep sleep.
  • Nakey time (just for baby). When it’s time to capture those cute little thighs and cheeks we will just have baby in a diaper. However, most babies don’t like the feeling of being naked, they want to be warm and completely snuggled. To help in this process I will bring a heater and sound machine to keep the room toasty.
  • Special outfits and wrap-up. We will end the shoot with special outfits. Once I feel like I’ve captured everything (or baby decides that for us). I will be off and let you get back to snuggling your little one!