Typically it is best to capture newborns within the first 10 days of life. I find it's easiest to join the family at home because it takes a whole lot of organization to get a newborn out of the house! Plus, by holding a session in your home, it adds an extra layer of memories to an already sweet moment.

Ada + Mommy

We started our photo session in Ada's nursery. Although miss Ada had a big meal before our photos, she was bright-eyed for the first part of our session together! I felt like she was staring right through me with her beautiful little eyes! But after some time in mom's arms, she decided a good snooze was in order and we grabbed those sleepy baby shots as quickly as we could!

Family Cuddles

I think the Merklein family should consider being family models. This crew had no trouble taking direction and tagging along when I had crazy ideas. You know, crazy ideas like let's take family photos in the bathtub because the light there was perfect. Those tub photos turned out to be some of my absolute favorites!